Exposure Of Impacted Teeth For Orthodontics

During routine pediatric dental or orthodontic care, a patient may discover that a permanent tooth is impacted or “stuck” in a position that it cannot erupt normally. If this is the situation, exposure of the impacted tooth is required to allow the orthodontist to move this tooth into position. If the impacted tooth is left too long, the normal root formation of the impacted tooth can damage the adjacent teeth.

Early detection of this situation is critical to proper treatment sequencing. Dr. Goettisheim uses a 3-­D scan to determine the exact position of the impacted tooth/teeth. Once this is determined, he can approach exposure of the tooth/teeth in a variety of ways. Coordination of this treatment with the orthodontist is essential. Many times, laser exposure of the impacted tooth/teeth can be performed, minimizing pain, swelling, and bleeding.

Do You Have Impacted Teeth?

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