Donor Tissue: AlloDerm Gum Grafting

What is AlloDerm?

There are several ways to treat gum recession. One of the most common is known as “gum grafting”, during which tissue is placed right along the receding gum, encouraging the growth of new gum tissue and protecting the exposed tooth root at the same time. Typically, this tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth (“palatal tissue”) of the patient.

However, there is another option, known as “donor tissue” grafting. With AlloDerm Gum Grafting, the tissue comes from a human donor, thus eliminating the need to remove palatal tissue from your own mouth.

What is gum recession?

Often caused by gum disease, gum recession can sometimes be the result of other factors including aggressive brushing, orthodontic appliances, and even medications. When gums recede, the tooth roots are left exposed and thus vulnerable to irreversible damage.

How does AlloDerm work?

AlloDerm begins with natural human tissue from US AATB-compliant tissue banks, but is processed (minimally) to remove the components (epidermis and cells) that often lead to tissue rejection. Once the process is complete, all that is left is the dermal matrix, which provides a guide for your body to use, expanding on the available gingival tissue using its own regeneration process.

Is donor tissue safe?

Yes. Donors are screened for contagious diseases including HIV and hepatitis, and a review of medical records and social history is also performed before the tissue is considered for processing.

What are the benefits of AlloDerm over traditional gum grafting?

  • Avoids additional surgical sites
  • Faster recovery
  • Less pain
  • Similar cost
  • Safe and effective

Do You Have Receding Gums?

If you have gum recession and are looking for a better way to treat it, give us a call to find out if AlloDerm might be the right choice for you!

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