CT Guided Surgery

CT Guided Surgery uses the collaboration of the periodontist with the restorative dentist to provide optimal implant placement. The restoring dentist will first determine the position and contours of the replacement tooth or teeth. Once this has been established, this information is scanned and superimposed on the bone picture obtained by the CT scan. This pre-­‐ treatment planning results in fabrication of a surgical guide that optimizes implant placement. In this way, Dr. Goettisheim can place the implant in both the best bone position as well as the best position for the restoration. Many times this technique can avoid opening the site surgically to place the implant so that the implant placement is “flapless”. The patient benefits from this treatment in many ways including less pain and more precise implant placement. Dr. Goettisheim benefits from having pre-­‐determined knowledge of the patient’s anatomy. This minimizes any surprises at the time of implant placement.

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